• Promise better diagnostics

    Since 1996, when it started operation, Pacific Biotekindo has been meeting the needs of healthcare professionals in Indonesia.

    Its first focus was on marketing, distributing and supporting laboratory screening and diagnostic products. Customers soon recognized Pacific Biotekindo’s marketing expertise and were keen to take advantage of the extra value delivered by the company, and the focus soon expanded into other sectors and areas of the market, marketing and distributing arrange of IVD products, and representing leading International brands in Indonesia.

    Pacific Biotekindo’s goal is to contribute to advances in the quality of the healthcare for Indonesian people, and its research extensively to identify business opportunities that can be achieved within Indonesia through the company’s business development and marketing expertise, effective methodologies and experienced people.

    Pacific Biotekindo knows Indonesia.. its people and its geography.. and act as strategic partner for global IVD companies, selling and marketing their innovative products throughout Indonesia and the region.

    Today, Pacific Biotekindo provides in vitro diagnostics, to professional lab, and POCT market, and has grown to comprise two sub divisions serving healthcare needs in Indonesia

  • Meeting customer needs

    Pacific Biotekindo provides in vitro diagnostics and markets and distributes reagents to hospitals, medical centers and medical professionals to use in immunology and clinical chemistry diagnosis of all the key diseases affecting Indonesia, including infectious diseases, hormones and related cancers, rapid and automation.

    With more than a decade of experience in the diagnostic sphere, Pacific Biotekindo has both the expertise and the infrastructure to ensure that all diagnostic products are delivered in the right time, to the right place in the right condition.

  • Anticipating new challenges

    Pacific Biotekindo’s professional team attend all the key international trade exhibitions and shows worldwide to identify the products that will best meet the requirements of their customers, searching in particular for new developments that will help healthcare professionals anticipate potential challenges. The scope of Pacific Biotekindo's range is not limited to specific product categories, but freely adaptable in order to meet the ever-evolving needs of the medical profession in Indonesia.

  • Encouraging and supporting excellence

    Pacific Biotekindo works with all the professional medical associations and is involved in education and promotion of better health and medical practice in Indonesia. The company hosts seminars to disseminate the latest international developments and invites world experts to impart their knowledge and experience first hand.

    Pacific Biotekindo acts as a catalyst, connecting leading edge solutions with local needs ... benefitting professional and patient alike.

  • Outstanding service and support

    In a competitive market, in which where many companies can supply advanced technology and solutions, Pacific Biotekindo stays ahead through its ability to provide world class marketing capability and by being responsive to its customers needs and serving and supporting them before, during and after their purchase.

    Pacific Biotekindo has skilled people working in the areas of product management, Promotion management, and customer and technical support, supported by advanced IT systems. All Pacific Biotekindo products are backed by an unshakeable commitment to after sales service and support. A dedicated team of medical technologists handles all enquiries and technical and scientific issues, and work with customers to understand their needs and anticipate their demands.

  • Today and tomorrow

    Pacific Biotekindo will continue to provide health professionals, both within Indonesia and in the region, with the vital tools they need to fight illness and disease, and to alleviate the suffering it causes. Pacific Biotekindo has honed its expertise over more than decade and, backed by that experience, strives for excellence in healthcare in Indonesia and beyond.